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Welcome to the picturesque and often hilarious world of Helena, Montana! Gaze upon the splendiferous sights of our fair city through the eyes of both visitors and locals alike. If you're hunting for images that capture the essence of Helena, you've landed at the right spot. This gallery showcases a whimsical collection of snaps that highlight the breathtaking scenery and unique attractions that have long held Montana's capital city in high esteem.

May 20, 2024

Helena: flower wallpaper, cornflower, bergkorenbloem

May 18, 2024

Helena: calm, water, river

May 13, 2024


May 12, 2024


May 11, 2024

Helena: montana, Rocky Mountains, mission mountains

May 10, 2024

Helena: warning, sign, mountain lion warning Helena: mountains, montana, Swan Mountain Range Helena: Green, valley, mountain Helena: montañas, Mendoza, uspallata Helena: Mendoza, atardecer, uspallata Helena: Spring, montana, tree

May 9, 2024

Helena: flower, alpine cornflower, centaurea montana Helena: bannack, old bannack townsite, bannack state park Helena: windmill, clean energy, judith gap montana Helena: mountains, montana, swan range Helena: Mendoza, atardecer, uspallata

May 8, 2024

Helena: USA, montana, bannack house and shed Helena: america, mountains, montana Helena: road, horse, animal Helena: bannack, bannack state park, old bannack ghost town Helena: Tower, Guard, Castle Helena: montana, Landscape, Glacier Helena: montana, river, madison river scenery

May 7, 2024

Helena: bannack, bannack state park, bannack townsite Helena: bannack, bannack state park, old bannack structures Helena: bannack log house, old bannack townsite, bannack state park Helena: water, Lake McDonald, rental boats Helena: montana, rustic, nevada city building

May 6, 2024

Helena: montana, bannack, church and two houses Helena: Prairie, mountains, crazy mountains montana Helena: Glacier National Park, mountain, going to the sun road Helena: Grass, seed, grasses in madison canyon

May 5, 2024

Helena: building, Saloon, northern lights saloon Helena: cyrus skinner saloon, henry plummer, road agents Helena: montana, Rocky Mountains, mission mountains Helena: water, lake, lake mcdonald rental boats Helena: snow, Landscape, Glacier Helena: snow, Landscape, Glacier Helena: mexico, montañas, tepoztlan Helena: montana, Mendoza, uspallata Helena: Mendoza, atardecer, uspallata

May 4, 2024

Helena: ghostberry, snowberry, waxberry Helena: montana, river, madison river

April 14, 2024


April 12, 2024


April 11, 2024


April 10, 2024

Helena: Helena:

April 9, 2024

Helena: Helena: Helena: Helena:

April 8, 2024


April 7, 2024

Helena: Helena: Helena:

March 27, 2024

Helena: mountains, Clouds, lake

March 13, 2024


March 12, 2024


March 10, 2024


March 9, 2024

Helena: animal, prairie dog, rodent

February 18, 2024


February 13, 2024


February 12, 2024


January 15, 2024


January 14, 2024


January 12, 2024


December 25, 2023

Helena: montana, Landscape, nubes Helena: nature, roof, horses

December 24, 2023

Helena: Sunset, mountain, ski resort

December 23, 2023

Helena: montañas, Mendoza, uspallata Helena: trail, forest, mountains Helena: Rock, stone, layers Helena: gopher, urocitellus columbianus, columbia ground squirrel Helena: montana, flowers, wildflowers Helena: Helena: peru, Cusco, vinicunca Helena: montana, Wide Open Spaces, the road less traveled Helena: Sunset, lake, whitefish Helena: Travel, mountains, lake Helena: nature, Landscape, Wyoming Helena: flower, flower background, daffodil Helena: flower background, knapweed, mountain knapweed Helena: Landscape, tree, lake

December 22, 2023

Helena: montana, Glacier National Park, mountain Helena: scenic, mountains, montana Helena: scenic, mountains, montana Helena: scenic, mountains, montana Helena: USA, montana, lake Helena: guardian, Testing, Banff Helena: montana, rain, Wide Open Spaces Helena: flower, alpine cornflower, centaurea montana Helena: Glacier National Park, beargrass, GNP Helena: Glacier National Park, ALPINE, Mountain Goats Helena: sky, farm, Landscape Helena: nature, alpine cornflower, centaurea montana Helena: nature, beautiful flowers, clematis

December 21, 2023

Helena: nature, fish, snail Helena: vintage, fire engine, red Helena: lake, mountain, flower wallpaper

Best selection of photos

Begin your visual journey by indulging in the majesty of Mount Helena City Park, located at 1900 Beattie St, Helena, MT 59601. Our gallery boasts an array of snapshots that reveal the park's vibrant hues as the seasons turn. You'll find azure skies against the backdrop of lush, green trails in the summer, and witness the park enveloped in a blanket of snow as winter casts its magic. However, the real star of the show is the view from the summit. From here, you'll see panoramic vistas of Helena's charming cityscape nestled amidst the captivating Montana landscape.

As you meander through our gallery, take a moment to appreciate the architectural prowess on display at the Montana State Capitol. Located at 1301 E 6th Ave, Helena, MT 59601, the Capitol building is an enchanting blend of history, art, and governance. Marvel at the intricate details of the interior, including the awe-inspiring rotunda adorned with Charles M. Russell's iconic mural, "Lewis and Clark Meeting the Flathead Indians at Ross' Hole." The exterior, too, provides a stunning visual treat, as evidenced by the countless shots that celebrate the Capitol's stately facade and pristine grounds.

When it comes to historical gems, Helena's Reeder's Alley is the real McCoy! Situated at 801 Reeder's Alley, Helena, MT 59601, this delightful cobblestone lane transports you to the gold rush era, when Helena was a bustling mining town. Here, you'll find a treasure trove of photographs capturing the well-preserved brick buildings that now house quaint boutiques and charming cafes. Keep an eye out for the cheeky images that pay homage to the alley's spirited past.

Speaking of history, no photographic journey through Helena would be complete without a trip to the Cathedral of Saint Helena. Perched majestically at 530 N Ewing St, Helena, MT 59601, this awe-inspiring landmark is an architectural masterpiece that rivals Europe's finest cathedrals. Our gallery features numerous angles and perspectives that showcase the cathedral's intricate stained glass windows, lofty spires, and ornate stonework. You might even come across a few tongue-in-cheek images of the cathedral's resident gargoyles, who've been known to photobomb the occasional tourist.

Last, but certainly not least, our gallery invites you to explore the whimsical beauty of the Great Northern Carousel at 989 Carousel Way, Helena, MT 59601. You'll find enchanting photos of the hand-carved wooden animals that call this carousel home, as well as images of beaming faces young and old, reveling in the magic of this timeless attraction. Don't be surprised if you encounter a few hilarious pics of visitors trying (and failing) to capture the perfect selfie mid-ride!

Our Helena, Montana photo collection offers a playful yet comprehensive look at this captivating city. Whether you're seeking panoramic views, historical sites, or amusing moments, you'll find it all right here. So, kick back, relax, and let your eyes feast upon the visual buffet that is Helena, Montana. And remember, laughter is always on the menu!

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